Thursday, November 9, 2017

Enrich Your Russian Vocabulary. Lesson 25. Пополни словарный запас русского языка. Урок 25.

Пока мы здесь одни, скажите мне, пожалуйста ... = ‘while we are alone here, tell me please ...’
один also has a ‘who or what form’ (accusative) in the feminine:
дайте мне эту книгу = ‘give me this book’;
oдну минуту! / oдну минутку! = ‘one moment, just a minute’.
Here, the ‘who or what form’ is used because there is a verb implied (e.g. ‘wait a moment’, or ‘give me a moment’).
одни can also mean ‘some people’:
одни ... другие ... = ‘some people ... others ...’;
одни любят готовить, другие любят есть = ‘some people like to cook, others like to eat’.
что ещё? = ‘what else?’;
кто ещё? = ‘who else?’;
куда ещё? = ‘where else?’
(direction, i.e. ‘to where else?’);
где ещё? = ‘where else?’ (location, literally, in where else).
четыре = ‘four’.
The numbers 2, 3 and 4 are followed by a noun in the ‘of’ situation (genitive case): я уже жду четыре часа = ‘I have already been waiting for four hours’; «Три сестры» Чехова = ‘The Three Sisters by Chekhov’ (literally, of Chekhov).
The feminine form of the number 2 is две; feminine nouns following it also take the ‘of’ ending (genitive): две сестры = ‘two sisters’; две минуты = ‘two minutes’.


I have two brothers and one sister.
У меня два брата и одна сестра.

And he / she has two sisters and one brother.
А у него / неё две сестры и один брат.

There are two rooms and a big kitchen in the flat.
В квартире две комнаты и большая кухня.

What else would you like to know (find out)?
Что ещё вы хотите узнать?


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