Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Stress. Part I. Stress in nouns. Lesson 4. Masculine nouns with stem stress in the singular and stress on the ending in the plural. Ударение. Часть I. Урок 4. Существительные мужского рода с ударением, падающим на корень, в единственном числе, и с ударением на окончании во множественном числе.

some monosyllables, e.g. сaд, garden

Similarly: бaл, ball (dance); бой, battle, fight; вaл, billow, earthen wall, shaft; воз, cart, wagon; дaр, gift; долг, duty, debt; дуб, oak tree; жир, fat, grease; круг, circle; мир, world; пaр, steam; плуг, plough; слeд, trace; слой, layer, stratum; суп, soup; сыр, cheese; тaз, basin, wash-basin; тыл, back, rear; ус, whisker; хор, choir; чaй, tea; чaс, hour; шaг, step, pace; шaр, sphere; шкaф, cupboard.

the quite numerous masculine nouns which end in a hard consonant or a soft consonant and which have nominative plural (and if they are inanimate, accusative plural too) in stressed -a ́ and -я ́ respectively, e.g. город, town, city, учитeль, teacher:

Similarly: aдрeс, address; бeрeг, bank, shore; вeчeр, evening; глaз, eye; голос, voice; доктор, doctor; дом, house; колокол, church bell; лeс, forest; луг, meadow; мaстeр, foreman, skilled workman; остров, island; повaр, cook; поeзд, train; профeссор, professor; снeг, snow; сторож, watchman; тополь, poplar; холод, cold, cold spell; якорь, anchor, and many others. 

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