Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Syntax. Part IV. Use of numerals. Lesson 1. Use of oдин. Синтаксис. Часть IV. Употребление числительных. Урок 1. Употребление числительного "один".

This is a particularly complex area for the foreign student of Russian. Much of the complexity arises from the fact that (a) usage of двa and other numerals bears traces of the existence of the old dual category; and (b) numerals themselves are capable of declension. It is helpful to deal separately with the use of один and then to examine separately use of the other numerals when they are themselves in nominative or accusative form and use of those numerals when they are themselves in an oblique case.
Use of oдин

Oдин, which declines like the demonstrative pronoun этот, is generally followed, when it means one, by a singular noun, even in higher numbers in which it is the last component, such as twenty-one. It
agrees in gender and case with nouns and adjectives which follow it, e.g.
один дом - one house
двaдцaть однa книгa twenty-оne books
в одной извeстной стaтьe - in one famous article

Note: один does have plural forms which are used with nouns which themselves exist only in a plural form, e.g. одни сутки, оne twenty-four-hour period) or when the word means only (e.g. Я читaю одни русскиe ромaны, I read only Russian novels).

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