Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Урок 34. Названия стран и национальностей . Lesson 34. Names of countries and nationalities.

The following lists are not exhaustive, but give the names of most countries of the world, grouped according to continent or region, together with the adjectives formed from them and the nouns denoting male and female representatives of each nationality.
The suffixes most commonly used to denote nationality are - and -нин, for males, and -кa and -нкa for females. However, in certain instances the expected feminine form cannot be used or at least seems unnatural to native speakers (and is therefore omitted from the lists in the following sections). In other instances no noun at all is derived
from the name of the country to denote nationality, or at least Russians might hesitate to use a form that does in theory exist. When in doubt as to whether a particular noun denoting nationality may be used one may have recourse to a phrase with житeли, inhabitants, e.g. житeли Бурунди, people who live in Burundi.
In some foreign words the letter e is pronounced э; this pronunciation is indicated in brackets after the word in question. An asterisk after a place-name in this section indicates that the noun in question is indeclinable.

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