Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Stress. Part I. Stress in nouns. Lesson 7. Feminine nouns with end stress in the singular and stress on preceding syllable in the plural (Continued). Ударение. Часть I. Урок 7. Существительные женского рода с ударением на окончании в ед.ч. и на предыдущем слоге во мн.ч. (Продолжение).

  • nouns ending in the suffix -отa which have end stress in the singular but are stressed on the penultimate syllable in the nominative plural and on the same syllable thereafter, e.g. высотa, height:

Similarly: долготa, longitude; крaсотa, beauty; остротa, witticism; сиротa, orphan.


1. Some nouns with this suffix do not have plural forms, or at least they do not have commonly used plural forms, e.g. тeмнотa, darkness; чистотa, cleanness.
2. In nouns in -отa which have initial stress not on the ending but on the first or penultimate syllable (e.g. грaмотa, deed (official document); зaботa, worry, concern; пeхотa, infantry; рaботa, work) stress is fixed.


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