Thursday, June 29, 2017

Enrich Your Russian Vocabulary. Lesson 10. Пополни словарный запас русского языка. Урок 10.

Nouns ending in a soft sign can be either masculine or feminine (most are feminine). Masculine nouns ending in a soft sign include словарь = ‘dictionary’ and Кремль = ‘Kremlin’. In the location situation their ending changes from soft sign to -e: в словаре = ‘in the dictionary’; в Кремле = ‘in the Kremlin’. Feminine
soft-sign-ending nouns in the location situation change the soft sign to -и:
площадь = ‘square’, Сибирь = ‘Siberia’: на площади = ‘in / on the square’; в Сибири = ‘in Siberia’; Мы хотим узнать всё о Сибири = ‘we would like to find out everything about Siberia’.

путь = ‘way’ in the location situation ends in -и:
в пути = ‘on the way’;
Поезд ещё в пути = ‘the train is still on its way’;
время в пути = ‘travelling time’.

When saying to where you are going, feminine nouns ending in -ия change to -ию: в Россию = ‘to Russia’. But feminine nouns ending in a soft sign do not change at all in the ‘to where’ situation:
Я хочу поехать в Сибирь = ‘I want to go to Siberia’.

The Russian president works in the Kremlin.
Российский президент работает в Кремле.

I don’t like to speak about politics, let’s talk about cinema.
Я не люблю говорить о политике, давайте поговорим о кино.

They don’t recommend me to go to Siberia in December.
Мне не рекомендуют ехать в Сибирь в декабре.


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