Thursday, April 6, 2017

Enrich Your Russian Vocabulary. Lesson 1. Пополни словарный запас русского языка. Урок 1.

Many Russian words are logically built up from a root with added prefixes and / or

Пере- is a prefix that is often equivalent to the English ‘re-’ in verbs:
передумать = ‘to change one’s mind, rethink’;
переделать = ‘to redo, do again’;
строить = ‘to build, construct’; перестроить = ‘to rebuild, reconstruct’;
передать = ‘to pass, transmit’.

The prefix also appears on nouns:


передача = ‘programme’
стройка = ‘building site’;
перестройка = ‘reconstruction, perestroika’.

-ка is a common suffix:

тройка = ‘a sleigh pulled by three horses’ comes from три = ‘three’.

Слава = ‘glory’;
слово = ‘word’;
Я узнал(а) новое русское слово = ‘I have learnt a new Russian word’.

Neuter nouns end in -a in the plural, and the stress often shifts to the ending:

дело = ‘thing’;
как дела? = ‘how are things?’;
русские слова = ‘Russian words’.

фразы = ‘phrases’;
скоро мы будем строить русские слова и фразы = ‘soon we are going to build Russian words and phrases’.
словарь = ‘dictionary’;
словарный запас = ‘vocabulary’;
У тебя есть словарь? = ‘have you (informal) got a dictionary?’;
где можно купить хороший англо-русский словарь = ‘where can one buy a good English–Russian dictionary?