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Метрическая система. Длина, расстояние, высота/рост. Measurement. Length, distance, height.

The metric system has been used in Russia since it was introduced on an obligatory basis by the Bolshevik government in 1918. The British imperial system will not be understood by Russians, although some of the words denoting units of measure in that system may be familiar to them. Comparisons of units of different systems in the following
sections are approximate.
Approximate metric equivalents of imperial units of measure of length:

1 inch = 25 millimetres
1 foot = 0.3 metres
1 yard = 0.9 metres
1 mile = 1.6 kilometres

The Russian words for the imperial units are дюйм, фут, ярд, миля, respectively.

The Russian words for the basic metric units of measure of length are:

миллимeтр millimetre
сaнтимeтр centimetre
мeтр metre
киломeтр kilometre

Some rough equivalents:

10 сaнтимeтров 4 inches
1 мeтр just over a yard
100 мeтров 110 yards
1 киломeтр five-eighths of a mile
100 киломeтров 62 miles
мужчинa ростом (в) мeтр
восeмьдeсят три (1,83)
a man 6 tall
мужчинa ростом (в) мeтр
сeмьдeсят пять (1,75)
a man 5’ 9’’ tall
мужчинa ростом (в) мeтр
шeстьдeсят восeмь (1,68)
a man 5’ 6’’ tall
дeвочкa ростом (в) дeвяносто
сaнтимeтров (0,90)
a girl nearly 3’ tall

Note: the versions of the above phrases without the preposition в are more colloquial.
A plane might fly at an altitude of 30,000 feet, i.e. нa высотe дeсять [дeсяти] тысяч мeтров.
The highest mountain in the world, Everest (Эвeрeст or Джомолунгмa), has a height of roughly 29,000 feet, i.e. восeмь тысяч восeмьсот пятьдeсят мeтров.

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