Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Урок 40. Притяжательные местоимения. Lesson 40. Possessive Pronouns.

The possessive pronoun (mine, yours, ours etc.) is formed in exactly the same way as the possessive adjective, but remember that it replaces the adiective and the noun:
Is this your book? Yes, it's mine.

(A) If you are indicating possession by me, you, us then the posseisive pronoun must agree in number, gender and case with what is possessed (not with the possessor). Here are the forms of the possissive pronouns mine, yours, ours in the nominative case:

Masculine Feminine Neuter Plural
mine мой моя моё мои
belonging to “ты
твой твоя твоё твои
ours наш наша наше наши
belonging to “вы
ваш ваша ваше ваши

Это твоя книга, Вадим? Да, моя.
Is this your book, Vadim? Yes, it is mine.
Это твой журнал, Катя? Да, мой.
Is this your magazine, Katya? Yes, it is mine.

(B) The possessive pronouns for his, hers, its, theirs are invariable (i.e. they never change):
belonging to его belonging to она
belonging to оно
belonging to они

Это книга Вадима? Да, его.
Is this Vadim’s book? Yes, it’s his.
Это журнал Кати (= Катин журнал)? Да, её.
Is this Katya’s magazine? Yes, it’s hers.

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