Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Урок 36. Ударение. Lesson 36. Stress.

The stress in a word, like its pronunciation, inflection or even gender, may change over time or may vary from user to user and in different situations. A few miscellaneous points may finally be made in this connection.
One group of words in which stress is particularly unstable, and for which reference works often suggest alternative stress, is the set of past-tense forms of certain verbs that consist of a monosyllabic basic verb + prefix, e.g.
The negative particle нe attracts the stress before the past tense of the masculine, neuter and plural forms of the verb быть, to be: нЕ был, нЕ было, нЕ были.
The prefix вы- is stressed on all perfective verbs, irrespective of whether they are disyllabic: вЫдaть, to issue; вЫйти, to go out;
вЫлeчить, to cure; вЫтaщить, to drag out.
This prefix is also stressed on most other disyllabic words, e.g. вЫдрa, otter; вЫход, exit; вЫшe, higher.

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