Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Урок 48. Косвенные команды и так далее. Lesson 48. Indirect Commands, etc.

An indirect command, advice or wish involves more than one subject and verb: Person A wants/commands person B to do something: I want him to go home; They ordered him to go home. In Russian the word чтобы, followed by the past tense (either imperfective or perfective), is used in indirect commands/wishes (this is also known as the subjunctive).
(А) Чтобы is never used with the present or future tenses, only the past.

(В) Чтобы is always preceded by a comma.

(С) Common verbs of commanding, wishing, advising which require the use of чтобы in indirect commands are:
говорить/сказать to say, tell
желать/пожелать to wish
предлагать/предложить to suggest
приказывать/приказать to order
рекомендовать/отрекомендовать to recommend
советовать/посоветовать to advise
требовать/потребовать tu demand, require

Some examples; notice how English sometimes needs should in order to get the sense of command/recommendation:

Полицейский сказал, чтобы они отошли от двери.
The policeman said thаt they should move away from the door.
Я предлагаю, чтобы вы всегда вставали раньше.
I suggest that you (should) always get up earlier.

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